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BBEdit Language Modules for AppleScript and Bunch

I use the wonderful Bunch app for managing the contexts on my Mac. However, I was finding that I was making mistakes in the text files just because I was struggling to read the various sections.

A screenshot of BBEdit with a .bunch file open.
A Bunch File being edited with BBEdit.

I recently started using BBEdit (late to the party, I know). On investigation, I decided to make some simple language files to make the process of editing the Bunch files easier.

I also do quite a bit of work at times in AppleScript. Nothing super complicated, but enough that editing in BBEdit is often easier. After a mooch round the internet, I decided to make a language module for AppleScript too.

Making the BBEdit Language Modules for AppleScript and Bunch were a little complicated while I learnt how to use BBEdit. They both also could be expanded further. Let me know if you find these helpful, I've shared them on GitHub.


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