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Migraine Tracking Shouldn't Add To Your Pain.

Let MigraineBot Make It Simple!
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MigraineBot makes it simple to record the key information about your migraine. Start time, end time and pain intensity.
Don’t get bogged down recording needless information

  • Record start and end times of attacks.

  • Record symptoms and medication.*

  • Record information about your aura.

Migraine First

MigraineBot makes recording, tracking and sharing your data simple. It only asks for key information so you can spend less time filling out your migraine diary and more time recovering and getting on with your day.

Key information is visible on the today screen so you can see all the important information you need.

  • See month medication count.

  • See previous attack details.

  • See attack and pain trends at a glance.


See what’s happening with your migraines over time. Getting more migraines? Less pain? Using more medication? Find out by viewing graphs of your attacks over time.

The data hungry out there can also view aura days per month and mean pain by month.*

  • View graphs about your attacks.

  • Understand medication usage.

  • See long term changes in your attacks.

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Mensturation Data

MigraineBot integrates with Apple’s Health App to allow you to view menstruation information on your calendar. Helping you to better understand the link between your period and your migraine attacks.

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Your health. Your business.

Your health data is private. You should always be in control of it.

Your health data is private. You don’t want to have it bouncing all over the internet.


MigraineBot keeps your data on your device and in your private iCloud account unless you share a PDF. Your data is never shared with me.


Your data is encrypted using Apple’s iCloud Encryption and access is limited to you. Don’t want to use iCloud? No problem just disable it in the app settings or in your iCloud account.

* Requires premium subscription including an iCloud account, and enough space for your data to sync.
Your subscription also supports me, an independent developer, to continue improving and maintaining the app for people like you (hi there!).

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