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MigraineBot Version 1.4.1 Migraine App Updates

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Updates and improvements in version 1.4.1. I have been working hard to continue improving the app. I hope you are finding it useful. These migraine app updates will improve your experience of the app.

⭐ New migraine app updates:

  • Chart layouts and styles in iOS 16.

  • New medication use charts in iOS 16.*

  • New pain and attacks comparison chart in iOS16.

🐞 Fixed:

  • Settings for filtering medications and symptoms now retained between viewings.*

  • Settings page now makes more sense!

🐞 Known Issues:

  • Charts are way too slow to load. It's because I need to improved the calculation algorithums for chart data. It's underway! :)

* Requires a premium subscription and an iCloud account with sufficent storage.


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