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Use Alfred to Get Your Battery Level

I wanted to use my launcher app to get my Mac's current battery level. With my excellent M1 Pro MacBook Pro, battery level isn't something I think about much any more. As a result, I removed the battery indicator from my menu bar, but this meant sometimes I had to (shock! Horror!) use my mouse.

A mouse on MacOs goes to check the battery level.
Using a mouse to check battery level. Yuck.

I use #Alfred, so I thought a workflow might be the solution. There are lots of excellent workflows on the Alfred Workflows Forum that solve this problem, but they were all quite a bit more complicated than I needed.

So I made one that very simply checks your Mac's battery and posts a nice little notification for you.

I have plans to try and make it so that the workflow can show the results inside Alfred. I think I might prefer that. But for now the workflow does exactly what I need.

Using Alfred to Get Battery Level

I have uploaded the workflow it to GitHub so that anyone can use Alfred to get your battery level, simply without lots of additional information. Have a look and either build on it or just use it. Any problems or ideas, let me know on GitHub.

If the workflow helps you, please share and maybe it will help someone else too.

Triggering the battery test workflow in Alfred
Much better... using the keyboard

There are steps and downloads available on my GitHub page.

More Information and Download Alfred Battery

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