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Useful AppleScripts

I have been putting together a small collection of (hopefully) useful AppleScripts. I have no idea if anyone else will find them useful, but I thought I would share them anyway.

The scripts contain a number of options – many inspired by the work of others. Here is some information about each of the scripts and what I use them for.

The (Hopefully) Useful AppleScripts


  • `DisplaysLaptopOnly.scpt` determines if the monitor connected is a laptop display. This allows Bartender to know if a smaller display is detected. This interacts with Bartender's new profile feature.

  • `DisplaysNotLaptop.scpt` very similar to `DisplaysLaptopOnly.scpt` but it determines if a monitor that is not the laptop is connected. Similarly, works with Bartender Profiles.


  • I use `QuitXcodeBunch` with, from Brett Turpstra, to close Xcode when leaving my Code bunch. It makes sure to stop any running tasks so that Xcode quits properly.

  • `GetKMVar` is a simple script to get the variable from inside Keyboard Maestro and make it available to an AppleScript. It works in conjunction with other scripts as more of a building block.


`EmailHi.scpt` is heavily inspired by David Sparks' blog and was influenced heavily by various posts I read on the Automators forums and the Mac Power Users Forums.

My version of the script includes both MS Outlook and variations, as I work in both pieces of software and wanted the ability to get first names in both applications. I trigger it with Keyboard Maestro text entry because I try to keep all the AppleScript triggers there.

Managing URLs

`SafariToFirefox.scpt` opens the frontmost safari tab in Firefox. Personally, I trigger this with Keyboard Maestro.

Useful Links

Here is the download link for this little project. Don't forget to let me know if you use any of these. I'd love to hear about it.


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