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MigraineBot FAQs

What Happens With My Health Data?

How It Works

Your privacy is really important to me. Your health information is never sent to me. If you have iCloud Sync enabled (it is by default) your data will also be in your iCloud account. I don’t have access to this data. It is also encrypted using Apple’s iCloud encryption. If you would like more information check out the privacy policy.

You can turn of sync at any time in the the app by going to Settings -> General and toggle iCloud Sync off. You can turn it off in your iCloud settings in the Settings app too.

How Do I Import My Migraine Data?

How It Works

Prepare a .csv file on your computer in a spreadsheet program. You need to make sure that the file only contains start, end and pain columns. They must be in that order.


The date and time information needs to be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm. So for January 5th 2021 at 2pm it would be 2021-01-05 14:00. Most programs can do this conversion for you.

Once you have your exported CSV file, go to Settings/General/Import in MigraineBot and follow the instructions.

How Can I Share My Data?

How It Works

At the moment, MigraineBot only shares PDFs in two styles. You can use the built-in share screen from the calendar tab within the app. Just tap the share icon in the top right corner.

You can also export your attack data from MigraineBot at any time as a CSV file from Settings –> General Settings.

Mensturation Data

What Happens To Mensturation Data From Apple Health?

You can give MigraineBot access to menstruation data in Apple’s Health App. Allowing your period information to be shown in the calendar. Seeing migraine attack and period information together may help you understand their relationship. The data from the Health App, like all other data in MigraineBot is never shared with me or anyone else. It is governed by my privacy policy.

Can I Delete Mensturation Data From Migraine Bot?

You can delete your data at any time. You can choose to delete your data by going to Settings, then General Settings and selecting ‘Delete Period Data in MigraineBot’. In order to stop the data from being collected again, you will need to toggle off ‘Display Cycle Tracking’ from the same screen, or from within the Health App. Deleting the app will have the same effect.

How do I stop MigraineBot from accessing menstruation data in the Health App?

You can stop MigraineBot from accessing the Health App at any time by disabling the ‘Display Cycle Tracking’ toggle in the ‘General Settings’ screen. You can also disable access at any time from within the Health App.

Revoking access will not delete existing menstruation data in MigraineBot. If you would like to delete the data as well, simply follow the question above!

I Made A Purchase I Don't Want. Help!

What To Do

Subscriptions are done through Apple’s payment system. As a result, if you need a refund, you need to contact them. Sorry.
If you just want to cancel a subscription, simply go to MigraineBot Premium –> Manage Subscription. Or you can select subscriptions from your iCloud settings in the Settings App.

Do You Have A Subscription?


MigraineBot uses a premium subscription for some features to help support the continued development of the app. It costs me money and time to make the app, continue updating it and keep improving it. Subscriptions make sure that I can continue doing that.

They also mean that the basic features are free and available to everyone, even if you can’t afford a subscription right now. I get it, sometimes chronic conditions make it hard to work.

What Do You Know About Me?

Not Much

Unless you contact me through the website, I don’t have any information about you that is personally identifiable. I collect limited analytics to make sure I know how the app is being used. I use a service called Telemetry Deck, who I selected because of their privacy focused approach. All information sent about your usage is randomised (so it can’t be linked to your purchase or your data) and never includes personal information.

I have some information about purchases to authenticate them, but these are also randomised.

What Kind of Information Do You Collect Then?

The information I collect is basic. Things like your operating system, when the app is used, and the language settings. The information is reported using a totally random ID so I have no way of identifying you personally. Only users on version 1.2.7 and above have this data collected.

What is Apple's Privacy Report? What Do All Those Websites Mean?

Apple’s App Privacy Report can be found in Settings –> Privacy –> App Privacy Report.

The App Privacy Report allows you to see what services apps use and which web addresses are contacted.


MigraineBot accesses the following:

– (Apple’s iCloud service)
– (Apple’s metrics - only if you have opted in)
- (Revenue Cat to manage subscriptions)
- (Telemetry Deck for app metrics)


None of these are third-party advertisers. None of them share your data or know who you are (apart from Apple).

None of these services can see your health data. Not even Apple. If you are particularly privacy conscious, I recommend Apple's Enhanced Security. This will encrypt lots of additional data, including your backups.

Still Need Help?

If you still need help, you can get in touch with me and I'll do what I can to help.

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